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Feature Integration

As part of a capstone project, I designed a feature integration on the existing Netflix app aimed to improve a user's browsing experience. Designed features for faster content search with a target of producing a more satisfactory search result. 



Mirror is an eCommerce shopping brand aiming to relaunch their brand and an online store. As part of an academic project, I designed a responsive website for an end-to-end shopping experience. 



Modura is an eCommerce clothing brand aiming to create a brand image for the young trendy professionals. As part of a design challenge, I created a brand image for Modura with the end goal of appealing to young professionals while highlighting a 'trendy yet affordable' brand vision.


IDEO U Certification

As a part of the certification of 'Foundations of Design Thinking', I worked on a case study to provide better products and services to today's 70-year olds. The aim was to identify one problem that senior citizens face in their day to day life, come up with insights that can lead to innovation, and create a tangible product/service with design thinking at its core. 


Design Challenges

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    Sign Up Screens

    4-hour Design Challenge: Designing sign-up process screens for a Medicare app including the brand logo. 

  • Checkout@0,5x.png

    'Check-out' Pages for a Product

    6-hour Design Challenge: Designing mobile screens for the 'check-out' process for an eCommerce platform.

  • Wayfarer@0,5x.png


    8-hour Design Challenge: Creating mobile app screens for a travel website that would appeal to the millennial audience.

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