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eCommerce Clothing Brand


Modura is a new eCommerce clothing brand designed for trendy men and women between 18 and 25 years old. These individuals are early in their careers and are looking for an affordable solution for business casual clothing to wear to their jobs in urban areas. They are fashion-forward, and conscious of trends. They want to dress for the jobs they want without appearing overdressed.

The client primarily required us to create brand assets and a few mobile app screens with the finalized color palette and typography.  


Design a brand logo and other brand assets that appeal to the target user and reflect the brand image.

Design a few key screens for a future mobile app. 

ROLE              UX Design, Graphic Design

CLIENT           Modura

TOOLS           Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Marvel

How might we best create a brand image for Modura in a manner that appeals to the young trendy professionals while highlighting a 'trendy yet affordable' brand vision?



Working through numerous sketches that give a more youthful and trendy tone to the brand, the aim was to create more minimal and stylish logos. The logo was to be very clean (no ornamentation or details) with bold lines and shapes. The logo represents a fashionable bag as well as the letter M, but abstract enough to be sleek and trendy. Reflecting on the style used in the wordmark and the monogram, the icons continued to follow the thick and thin line weight as the font 'Myanmar MN' (used in the wordmark).



Assembling the brand assets created so far and defining the key UI elements was the next step in the process. This UI kit acts as a way to explore how the color and type choices will interact with one another, as well as create a ruleset to follow as we begin designing the application. 



At this point in the design process, I began creating low-fidelity to high-fidelity wireframes. I created a prototype in Marvel assembling the brand logo, other brand assets, and a few key screens that appeal to the target user and reflect the brand image for a future mobile app.


The scope of the project was to create a few mobile key screens. The next steps in the process would be to create an extensive UI kit that would include all of the elements on an eCommerce website and create multiple screens to helps the user find a particular product and proceed from the homepage to the checkout page. Thereafter create prototypes in InVision/Figma, conduct usability testing, and handoff the design to the developers. 

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