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Hi, I'm Priya.

I’m a User Experience Designer based out of the San Fransisco Bay Area. I use a human-centered design thinking approach for creating products and services that enhance the way users work and interact. I’ve designed desktop and mobile websites for B2B and B2C tech startups, worked on improving their visual branding, and led on various visual and UI design elements.

User Experience Designer at Autodesk, Inc.

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Prodigal is a Silicon Valley-based startup (seeded from Y-Combinator '18)  that aims to bring the power of AI & Machine Learning to lenders, creditors, and collection agencies. I led the complete redesign of Prodigal’s website to create web and mobile experiences
. I also spearheaded the effort of establishing design systems and brand guidelines to deliver a cohesive brand experience.

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JobHopper (now MyCampusRecruit) offers career service and a job recruiting platform for graduate students and alumni, specifically Colleges and Universities in India. I redesigned their existing website along with revamping their brand style to add a more inviting and a modern appeal.



I designed a mobile application for an open-source SOAR (Security Orchestration and Automation Response) platform. The aim was to create an iOS application design for an executive-level dashboard for security incidents and include key features that would enable senior management to view detailed incidents, reports, and get updates at their fingertips.



My Graphic Design Startup

I co-founded a Graphic Design Consultancy firm focusing on Branding, Invitations Design, and Packaging Design - called Narratives. I handled client management and interactions - from requirement analysis to defining the design strategy to delivering solutions, and also led the curation of design concepts to facilitate design development from prototyping to the final product.


Want to see more projects?

I am an interdisciplinary designer and have explored various aspects of design throughout my career.

Click here to see some of my other projects, including case studies, capstone projects, and design challenges.

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