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The Designer Me.

I’m a User Experience Designer based out of the San Fransisco Bay Area. I use a human-centered design thinking approach for creating products and services that enhance the way users work and interact. I’ve designed desktop and mobile websites for B2B and B2C tech startups, worked on improving their visual branding, and led on various visual and UI design elements.

I have been aligned with various disciplines of design. After my Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design and Master’s Degree in Design Management, I pursued a Diploma Certificate in Digital Illustration. With the skills acquired in Graphic Design, I co-founded a Design Consultancy, called Narratives, focusing on graphics, branding, and marketing design. I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2019 and in the process of exploring design opportunities in the technology industry, I started focusing on a wider lens, from Graphics Design to Product and User Experience Design. 


I am currently working as a UX Designer at Autodesk, Inc., in San Francisco, CA.

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The Singer Me

The Singer Me.

Outside of design and tech, I enjoy singing. I’m a professional singer trained in Indian Classical Music at the highest degree ('Visharad') and you will find me performing at local events and shows. 

Below is the link to my YouTube Channel. 

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